Essential precautions to replace a turbochargers.

  • Make sure that the engine is in good conditions (compression, engine block exhausts, electronic components, etc.).
  • Change engine oil, oil filter and air filter.
  • Replace the oil delivery pipe to the turbochargers (ALWAYS!)
  • Do not use silicones or liquid gaskets of any type
  • Make sure that no impurity or foreign body is present in the suction pipes.
  • Check (and potentially replace) the oil return pipe in the sump.
  • Fill the lubrication circuit of the turbochargers before securing the oil delivery pipe.
  • Let the engine revolve at minimum revolutions for at least 1 minute after starting the engine before accelerating.
  • Travel 200-500 km and change the engine oil again.
  • The original turbochargers are tested and subject to the strictest quality checks.
  • In case the aforementioned precautions are not respected, the warranty claim may be rejected.


Specific technical instructions

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